Section 1 关于会议论文投稿 About Conference Paper Submission


Q1: What format do I need to refer to in my paper?


A: Please download and refer to the attachment below the call for papers.


Q2: Does the conference receive the papers in Chinese?


A: The papers received by the conference are available in both English and Chinese. The final published language is in English. If you would like to translate your paper into English for publication, please contact us in advance. There is an extra fee for translating.


Q3: What are the requirements for the length of the papers included by the conference?


A: Generally it needs to be 6 pages or more. If it is more than 6 pages, it will need an extra fee.


Q4: How many papers can every participant publish?


A: Each one can publish 3 or less.


Q5: How long the proceeding can be retrieved by EI after printing?


A: We promise that it can be searched within one year. In general, it can be retrieved in about half a year.


Q6: How long does it take to receive a reply after contribution?


A: About one week. We will send notifications for the accepted articles. Meanwhile we also inform you if the paper needs to be revised or non-accepted.

Section 2 关于参会 About the Conference


Q1: Whether the people who are not the author of this conference can attend it?


A: The organizers welcome professionals, experts, scholars as well as accompanying persons who are interested in relevant fields to participate in the conference. We do not make special requests for submission of conference papers. In order to facilitate the organizer, please contact us in advance and pay the relevant fees. 


Q2: Can you only pay page charge without paying the registration fee if you do not attend the meeting?


A: The registration fee includes the registration fee for the paper. When you pay the fee, the page charge and registration fee should be paid.


Q3: When will the collection of papers come out?


A: We will mail it to the author within two or three weeks after the meeting.

Section 3 关于论文服务 About Paper Service


Q1: What are the advantages of Easyaca Academy?


A: We not only focus on polishing language, but also concerned with publishing English articles successfully. Easyaca Academy has accumulated a lot of resources from international journal editor in the past 8 years. In order to ensure the most professional, we spend eight years to launch the paper service. The editors of SCI personally participated in the language polishing and paper pre-reviewer, which give the guarantee the publication of paper.


Q2: When will the paper service be online?


A: The paper service has come into use, but corresponding platforms are still maturing. Welcome to one-on-one consultation.


Q3: How about the price of paper service?


A: We guarantee that Easyaca Academy paper service has the most competitive price. The first order can enjoy a reduction of 12% discount, and enjoys many revisions of the paper format, paper pre-reviewer, journal recommendation, priority publication and other special services.


     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.